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Even more benefits

  • Time. How much time do you have? Would you rather be doing useful activities or relaxing or would you rather be out spending large amounts of time watering by hand week in and out
  • Peace of mind. When you are on holidays or out you know that your faithful automatic reticulation system back home will be watering away on the days and times allowed. Meaning you can go about your business in peace.

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We offer a full design, installation, repair and retic maintenance service through most Perth Suburbs from North to South. We have the knowledge and expertise. We use high quality products, are committed to excellence, and work with the best reticulation suppliers in Perth to deliver the latest and best quality products to your home or business premises.

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Perth generally has a hot and dry summer although in recent years spring rains have been continuing later and later into the season! Most houses in Perth have a home reticulation system. Having a correctly installed home watering system can save you time and money.

As a society we are getting busier and busier and although it is relaxing to stand outside and water the garden having an automatic system which will water regularly and evenly applying water to the correct areas means your garden will always get the water it needs. If you go away on holidays it will continue to receive the correct amount of watering. There are a number of reticulation systems that we can install from basic to advanced. We are a firm believer in Water wise Products and are accredited Water Wise Installers through the Irrigation Association of Australia.

My advice is not to skimp on your system or go for the cheapest quote but make sure the people working on it have:

  1. The time they need to install it correctly
  2. Are using quality parts.
  3. Have good reputation and can be trusted

Here at Luke’s Landscaping we can design your reticulation and provide you with a concept plan. We can carefully work out the best plan of attack to correctly irrigate your home lawn and garden. Give us a call today!


A Master Solenoid acts as a fail safe. A system without a Master Valve is always under pressure; what this means is the main supply pipe, which is usually PVC piping, is under pressure the whole way to each solenoid. A mainline under pressure like this, is much more likely to burst or have slow leaks, which may not be discovered for a long time wasting water. At any point, if a fitting pops off or a pipe is damaged, the water will come pouring out and will not stop. Think about it, if you are away on holidays and your main supply pipe bursts apart then you will be in for some serious water loss as well as possibly substantial damage to your home or property as well. Not only that, without a Master Solenoid, if any of your normal solenoids decides to play up and not shut off or starts leaking, it becomes a serious problem.

A Master Solenoid contains the flow of water at the source of the cut in (cut in is done by a licensed plumber). A cut in is where the plumber cuts into the mains water supply piping – usually copper or some other form of allowed plumbers piping – the plumber leaves a threaded fitting so the Master Solenoid can be screwed, not glued directly onto the mains water supply piping. The fact that it is screwed not glued means it will never pop off. The plumber should install two valuable things when doing a cut in.

Install an Isolation Valve
Put simply, it is a tap in the ground at the source of the cut in used to isolate the reticulation. What this means is that the owner can shut the retic water off complexly for the whole system using this tap but still have access to the water for his house.

Install a Dual Check Valve
A Dual Check Valve is a special valve that allows water through it but stops any water going back. This prevents water from people’s reticulation systems which could have glue or dirt in it from going back into people’s drinking water. This is a requirement for all new reticulation systems in Perth.

After the plumber has installed these things, the Master Solenoid should be firmly screwed onto the Dual Check Valve and plumbers tape should be carefully wrapped around all the threads before screwing on to avoid any leaks. This entire assembly should all be screwed together so that there is no chance of anything popping off in the future. The piping to all the other solenoids is then attached to the other end of the Master Solenoid and runs to all the solenoid valves. This main piping is never under pressure.

When a solenoid is turned on via the reticulation controller the Master Solenoid also turns on sending the water down the main supply pipe to the appropriate solenoid which in turn, passes it through itself to the sprinkler on that section. This is now a safe system. Even if a pipe is burst it will only leak when the reticulation is turned on because the Master Solenoid will shut everything else off after the cycle has finished. Not only that, the Dual Check Valve ensures people’s drinking water is safe and free from reticulation water.

Many old systems in Perth do not have a Master Valve, or a Dual Check Valve, or an emergency Isolation Valve. It’s not worth the risk. Do it right and do it properly! If your reticulation systems is missing any of these items please call us today for an estimate on upgrading this important part of your reticulation system.


When installing a home reticulation system, it’s particularly important to pay attention to the way the sprinklers are set out. It’s not enough to just wet the area. You must ensure the sprinklers are set out “head to head”. One sprinkler throws the entire way to the next sprinkler for overlapping coverage. Some sprinkler heads let out a different amount of water at the end of the spray radius than at the beginning and without having head to head coverage the watering would not be even. Overlapping coverage always gets the best result and is the waterwise way of installing a system.

You may ask, “What is waterwise about adding in MORE sprinklers?” Well, it is more efficient, and you should be able to use less water. Distributing the water in an efficient manner will ensure the best result for the amount of water applied. An even application enables even plant and lawn growth, which is important if you want your lawn and gardens to look nice!

We often get called to inspect reticulation systems and lawns that have dry patches all over them. Normally the owners are convinced that they have lawn beetle or a lawn disease. However, we almost always find that it’s an issue with the efficiency of the system. The first thing we do is to put a shovel down deep into the dry patch of the lawn and dig it up. Almost 100% of the time it’s bone dry after the first inch. When the soil is dry, this tells us that the water is not penetrating deeply to the roots. If the top of the soil is slightly wet, it is not an indication of what is happening below the ground.

Hence it is important to set the sprinklers to throw back to each other and adjust them down to minimise overspray. The result is astonishing. Within several months, the lawn grows back thick and green. Some simple changes to our reticulation system can produce a very attractive garden

  • Our front yard in Karrinyup was completely transformed in March 2015. In just one week, the team completed the job of removing what was there, replaced the topsoil, installed the reticulation and mulched with native plants. Four months on we are still so impressed with the job and delighted that we used Luke’s Landscaping. Highly recommended!

  • I have used Luke’s Landscaping to do a major overhaul to the landscaping at my house and lots of other makeovers at my rental properties in the last three years. The professional service, fantastic results and the quick turnaround has meant that Luke is the first guy I call for my landscaping needs. I have been thrilled with the results and pleased with the attention to detail. I am happy to recommend this business.
  • I take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done. This is the second time I have used your services. Not only because you did such a good, clean and efficient job, but also the fact you responded to my inquiry in a professional and timely manner unlike many others who I had to recall and I still couldn’t get any response. I would also like to thank your staff who worked diligently until the job was done to our satisfaction particularly giving my wife and myself peace of mind. Therefore, I will always recommend your services to any family or friends, in fact if you need to send any prospective clients to view our garden feel free to do so. If you require any verbal reference feel free to have your client contact me. We wish you all the success in the future with your business.
    Aldo and Karen
  • I used Luke’s Landscaping to provide an overhaul of my front lawn with the task to reduce the amount of lawn and increase the low maintenance area including a rock feature. Also, they were used to provide a major landscaping overhaul for my Daughter’s back garden including lawns, garden beds and low water usage reticulation. All work was carried out within the agreed time schedule. The staff are very accommodating and pleasant to deal with. The work completed with efficiency, and all aspects were well-coordinated. The materials used were of a good quality that enhances the finished product.My daughter and I are very pleased with results.

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