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Soakwell Installation Perth

Soakwell installation


While you do have the option to install a soakwell yourself, we highly recommend that you allow an experienced professional to do it for you. This will save you from making costly mistakes. In any case, our installation prices are very competitive.

As standard practice, we install one soakwell in the front yard and one for the backyard, although this may vary depending on your property’s unique situation.

Soakwell Selection

Luke’s Landscaping prefers to install trafficable, Polypropylene soakwells. These light-weight versatile soakwell units can be made to fit any size by adding more modules. They are also 100% recyclable, so they are eco-friendly. They are wrapped with Geotextile fabric to stop soil going into the soakwell unit. These newer polypropylene soakwells are efficient, reliable and long lasting, which is why we generally prefer them over a traditional concrete soakwells.

What Luke’s Landscaping can do for you

What we do!

  • Determine the local council rules you need to abide by for your soakwell.
  • If you are building a new home, we can help determine the best place to put the soakwell.
  • If you live in an established home, we will work with the landscaping and install a Polypropylene soakwell.
  • Sometimes we can place them under the driveway.
  • We will install all PVC storm water piping to bring the water to the soakwell.
  • We install with the least inconvenience to your home and other time commitments.
  • We clean up after the project so that you will never know we were there.
  • Assist you in landscaping after the soakwells’ installation so your property looks attractive, not like an excavation site!
  • We offer consultation services for DIY soakwell installers.
  • We use state of the art materials and tools in all of our projects. This makes installation faster, better and more efficient.
  • Take the stress and pressure from you as we take care of this issue for you.
  • Our work is guaranteed.

Benefits of Polypropylene Soakwells


  • 100% recycled Polypropylene – great for the environment.
  • Fully trafficable. A standard unit can take 23 tonnes of direct pressure per square metre. We can install extra panels in the unit to make it even stronger. This product can be easily installed under driveways and other high-traffic areas.
  • Light weight and versatile.
  • UV stabilised for long product life.
  • Excellent drainage.
  • Did a great job on my retic. Were fast and accurate. Easy to work with. Showed up on time. Couldn't ask for more.
  • Quick efficient work. Friendly staff, great price.
  • They came within two days of my call and on time. We live on 5 acres and had a solenoid problem and a few other things. It was all replaced or repaired as quickly as possible and the trades person was polite and friendly. I am happy to recommend Luke’s Landscaping and Reticulation to others and other horse property owners and I will be keeping their card and using them again if needed.
  • The team from Luke's have been out to place twice to 1) fix up a messy retic installation by the previous owners of our house 2) fully automate our retic. My experience in a nutshell - excellent communication, service and always on time. Each invoice has included a list of recommendations for further improving our setup, which is really handy as a reference. They also proactively called and asked for feedback on team members and I can't think of another business I've dealt with recently that has had any interest in the customer experience. Highly recommended.
  • Great job at our place. Great service and price.

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