Waterwise Reticulation

waterwise reticulation uses water more efficiently

Western Australia is hot and dry and these days with water restrictions, a growing state population and much debate over climate change it is increasingly popular and necessary to install a waterwise irrigation system.

A waterwise reticulation system can be more expensive but it will save you water in the long run making it a worthwhile investment. The thing to remember when installing a Waterwise Reticulation System is that it’s not only that you are saving water but you are using the water you have more efficiently. Using water more efficiently means that more water gets to where it needs to, there is less evaporation and run off, sprinklers are more wind resistant, water can be applied directly to roots and not to weeds etc, etc. Being efficient in the way you use a product can produce better results.

waterwise reticulation installation

waterwise reticulation installation and coversions

We can install or convert your existing reticulation system to a Waterwise Reticulation System in the following ways.

subsurface driplines

Subsurface dripline systems eliminate evaporation and ensure there is no run off or over spray by directing right at the plants roots

waterwise rotatory sprinkler heads

Sadly, things age. Maybe you purchased a home that has not had a reticulation upgrade since Elvis’s last performance. Not only can this become a money pit of repairs and quick fixes, but it is also not as efficient as the reticulation systems we install today. You will save money, water more effectually, and be in compliance with water restriction rules. Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation will consult with you and determine the best layout for your new reticulation system. From timers to the types of sprinkler heads and shrub bubblers to drip irrigation, we can help you select the right watering solution for you. Today, there are sprinkler heads that are low to the ground and spread large drops of water for better absorption and more direct access to the roots of plants in your yard.

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drippers and shrubblers

Drippers and shrubblers can be set up for each plant watering only the plants and not the garden areas in-between
Weather based control systems that make 365 adjustments throughout the year distributing the right amount of water for every day of the year. The control system comes with a weather based Sun and Rain sensor and will turn on for 48 hours after it has rained.

We can install standard rain sensors to all controllers which will shut the water of when it rains. These can be installed to your current control system easily in a short period of time.

We also install Rainwater tanks and it has become increasingly popular to link them to reticulation systems. Bear in mind it is not just reticulation that makes a garden and lawn waterwise, good soil and the right plant and lawn selection. It all makes a big difference.