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Do I need a landscape designer?

Do I need a landscape designer?
October 22, 2019 Tony Palmer

Why employing a designer is essential

If you’re in the process of building a new custom home or considering significant renovations to your existing home, there will be a critical point in your early decision-making process which we would like to shed some light on – the landscaping. Once you really think about it, this entire project is going to be one of the most significant investments of your life! Knowing you are investing wisely is crucial for a successful outcome.

Some factors may be at play that will guide you down the chosen path, such as, “this is or is not our forever home”, “my kids are getting older and may move out soon”, “should we get a pool now so our kids can enjoy it before they get too old”, “I don’t know what to spend on this project”. The list of reasons goes on & many of these reasons may be only applicable to you & your unique situation.

Understanding what can be done in your unique space (that’s right ‘unique’ not only due to the size, shape & orientation – but also ‘unique’ to your personality), what materials to use, how to install it, what looks great, what is good value & ultimately what suits ‘you’.

Unless you work in this small, somewhat niche market, of landscape design & construction in Perth, you may not know what is going to be the best outcome for your project. This is where many people speak with landscape designers to assist them with visualizing their project. You may know the crux of what you want in your space. This may be physical materials (like exposed aggregate concrete or Travertine tiling) or it may be emotional elements (like a play space for the kids or a nice shaded spot to read a book). Qualified landscape designers can take these elements and produce beautiful cohesive proposals based on their experience of what works & what doesn’t. The skill of the landscape designer is a balance of creative flair, sound knowledge of plants, materials & constructability & also last but not least, a very good listener. Another important skill is restraint. Sometimes you simply can’t have everything & a good designer will lead you carefully.

Do I need a designer

How do I pick a designer?

The relationship between you (as the client) and the landscape designer should be a good one! It is vital that there is good understanding of each other. This early phase on conceptual design sets the path for the following weeks or months of the design direction & potential construction. It’s not just a matter of what finish you will have on the brick planter, it’s a matter of whether there is a brick planter there at all. So, ensuring your landscape designer is on the same wavelength as you is crucial to ensure you will be happy at the end of the process.

What kind of design should I expect?

Investing into your landscaping project can be expensive (generally more than you initially thought), The design will determine the bottom-line installation cost and this will usually be calculated on material, labour & complexity. Carefully considered design will factor these elements. You will need to draw on the expertise of a quality landscape designer to ensure the path laid before you is the right one. These experts will charge you for their time & charge you based on how complex your project is, what level of design presentation you are looking for (2D or 3D) how many revisions you get, what level of specifications will be provided, just to name a few. You can expect to pay more for the level of experience the designer offers too. 

The level of design differs between designers & companies. There are many ways to provide a visual proposal. However, with the advancements of technology, 3D design is paving the way. Moving fly-through videos of your landscape project, photo realistic perspective designs, even virtual reality! It’s exciting to see your project in 3D and allows you to visualize yourself in that space. Expect to pay extra for those high-end design presentations, but they certainly do have a place in today’s market.

Landscape Ideas

Design Only vs Design & Construct

Another point to consider when selecting a landscape designer is whether they can build the project too. After all, that is the main goal! Not just to get a pretty picture on a piece of paper! Due to this, many people are seeking advice from landscape design & construct organizations. This circumnavigates the need to tender out your landscape design to installation companies and reduces the risk of your design costing too much to build. It is quite common that designs created (by design-only professionals) cannot ever be built because the investment is too high – this can be soul destroying, especially after you fall in love with the design put before you. As I said earlier, decisions early in the peace need to be the right ones, even if you need to pay a little extra to avoid regret.

Landscape Design Plan

Who you gonna call? (& it’s not Ghostbusters!)

If you are in this crucial decision point & want to make the right decision, I urge you to speak to one of our experienced designers here at Luke’s Landscaping Co. where all the different phases can be handled in the most professional & efficient manner. We live & breathe outdoor landscaping & external renovation works & we are more than happy to discuss the best path forward for you & your project.

Let’s chat about your unique project..

  • Our front yard in Karrinyup was completely transformed in March 2015. In just one week, the team completed the job of removing what was there, replaced the topsoil, installed the reticulation and mulched with native plants. Four months on we are still so impressed with the job and delighted that we used Luke’s Landscaping. Highly recommended!

  • I take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done. This is the second time I have used your services. Not only because you did such a good, clean and efficient job, but also the fact you responded to my inquiry in a professional and timely manner unlike many others who I had to recall and I still couldn’t get any response. I would also like to thank your staff who worked diligently until the job was done to our satisfaction particularly giving my wife and myself peace of mind. Therefore, I will always recommend your services to any family or friends, in fact if you need to send any prospective clients to view our garden feel free to do so. If you require any verbal reference feel free to have your client contact me. We wish you all the success in the future with your business.
    Aldo and Karen
  • I have used Luke’s Landscaping to do a major overhaul to the landscaping at my house and lots of other makeovers at my rental properties in the last three years. The professional service, fantastic results and the quick turnaround has meant that Luke is the first guy I call for my landscaping needs. I have been thrilled with the results and pleased with the attention to detail. I am happy to recommend this business.
  • I used Luke’s Landscaping to provide an overhaul of my front lawn with the task to reduce the amount of lawn and increase the low maintenance area including a rock feature. Also, they were used to provide a major landscaping overhaul for my Daughter’s back garden including lawns, garden beds and low water usage reticulation. All work was carried out within the agreed time schedule. The staff are very accommodating and pleasant to deal with. The work completed with efficiency, and all aspects were well-coordinated. The materials used were of a good quality that enhances the finished product. My daughter and I are very pleased with results.

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