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This landscaping project was designed and constructed in the Perth Northern Suburb of Karrinyup. The name Karrinyup means “the place where bush kangaroos graze, derived Careniup, a Noongar name for a nearby swamp. Source: Karrinyup, Western Australia

Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation has been servicing Karrinyup and surrounding areas since we started in 2008, installing and servicing/repairing reticulation systems, and landscaping homes.
This particular job was on a client’s front verge. The before photos show some dead lawn and weeds and a few trees that were out of place. Our task was to improve considerably this by installing a new native garden that would grow to transform the look of the front garden and add value and beauty to the house.

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Our landscape designer planned out the garden and drew a scale plan listing the requirements of the job, and the plants and materials to be used. All of our designers have a background in horticulture that is especially important when planning a garden.

We want to ensure we place the right plants in the correct positions and location to suit the local climate. Moreover, you want it to look great in 10 years’ time and grow together nicely. Having a landscape design also allows you to see on paper what your project looks like before starting.


We removed all of the old soil to a depth of approximately 200mm, including all of the weeds and debris and as much of the poor quality sandy soil as possible.

Most importantly we like to install around 100mm of good quality soil, with at least 100mm of mulch on top, without the area being 200mm higher than it surrounds!


We installed 100mm of soil conditioner to the area and incorporated it into the existing soil. Much of the ground in Perth is sandy with low nutrient content.

Adding soil conditioner to the existing soil can vastly improve its water carrying capability, it can help to encourage worms and microorganisms to establish, which has the added benefit of helping to aerate the soil. Soil conditioners can act as a slow release fertiliser and as a nutrient supply that the microorganisms can absorb.



Next we created a winding gravel path through the middle of the area. The installation of weed mat is an essential step to allow water to seep down through the path and also prevent weeds growing up through the pathway. The mat also stops the gravel sinking into the sand and ensures a professional finish.

The area for the pathway was retained using Link Edge ( This garden edging is easy to use and comes in very handy with many landscaping projects.


We installed subsurface drip reticulation designed to sit on the soil and below the mulch to allow watering to soak slowly into the ground. This Waterwise best practice works well with soil conditioner and mulch. The purpose of soil conditioner is to improve the water retention of the existing garden.

The drip-line distributes water very efficiently with almost 0% wastage right to the roots of the plants. The mulch helps keeps the water below ground by reducing evaporation. A correctly set up a subsurface mini drip-line system is the most efficient way to water your plants. The correct flushing valves, air release valves, disk filters and pressure regulators ensure this system works very well.


The plants were placed out, and the planting holes dug, we installed sheep manure, slow release fertiliser and wetter soil to the planting holes along with the existing soil with soil conditioner added to it. Once planted the plants were watered in, an essential part of the process. The client has specifically mentioned that they wanted some Protea Cyncroides, so we planted these in strategic locations.

Two Silver Birch Trees, known for their striking silver foliage and red flowers, were planted along with two Agonis Burgundy trees. We then planted out native grasses and shrubs throughout the area. These pictures were taken while all of the plants are small. Given two years from now the plants should have grown substantially in size and filled out, and the owners can expect to see a huge difference.


The final step was to mulch the gardens with 100mm of wood chips which is crucial when installing any new garden in Perth. Mulch keeps the garden area cool and retains the water by reducing evaporation. Not only that it looked great too!
The result is our clients are highly appreciative of the service we provided!

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