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Landscape Designers and Perth’s Verges

Landscape Designers in Perth are all too often faced with the challenge of coming up with a design solution for the infamous verge. As defined by the City of Cockburn ‘A verge is the portion of land that lies between the road pavement and an adjacent property boundary’. Legally speaking, the verge belongs to the Crown however; verges are very much a shared resource. Many local governments are now encouraging landowners to take visual ownership of their verge and to consider more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive alternatives to turf. This is where good landscape design comes in.

Each local government has a set of rules and regulations for verge development in its jurisdiction and your Landscape Designer will have to do his, or her homework, as to any unique requirements your area may have. As many verges have underground utilities such as sewage, water, gas and telecommunications, it is vital that you, or your Perth Landscape Designer ‘dial before you dig’. This is a free online service that not only protects you and your Landscaper from any excavation works going wrong, but safeguards the wider infrastructure network as well. If you don’t already have a street tree on your verge, most council’s will also have a street tree-planting program. With just a quick phone call, they can let you know what kind of trees they are planting in your area and also give you an indication of when you will receive your tree. This is a free service offered by most councils and with all the benefits that trees provide (including reducing the ever present urban heat island effect), why not go ahead and make the most of this great initiative!?

Visibility is a key consideration when designing your verge and property owners and Landscape Designers in Perth are encouraged to plant species that are no higher than 600mm, to ensure traffic sight lines and driver and pedestrian safety aren’t compromised. A further common verge requirement is that a 1.5m strip along the rear of the kerb should remain unplanted for the use of pedestrians and the future addition of a footpath if required. With all the above taken into consideration, your chosen Landscape Designer can go ahead and plan your space. There are endless options, which largely come down to the overall look you are trying to achieve in your garden. It is definitely a good idea to consider local endemic (native) plant species, which have lower watering requirements than their exotic counterparts and tend to look great all year round as well. Layering your plants from ground covers, grasses, strappy leaf plants and small shrubs, is also a great way to boost the visual appeal of the area and the differing foliage; textures and colours, can also work wonders when carefully paired and placed. So if you are keen to give your verge the ‘wow’ factor (and be the envy of your neighbours), why not contact Luke at Luke’s Landscaping, who can help you create the best verge on your street!

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