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Thinking about installing a garden or landscaping retaining wall in your backyard? If you have a backyard or front yard with various levels or height, our retaining wall installation services could be the answer you’ve been looking for. A great way to effectively make use of an existing space, or to add more greenery and life to a somewhat challenging area of the property, our garden and landscaping retaining walls are the perfect choice for Perth homeowners. Not sure what type of landscaping or garden retaining wall design you need for your property? Whether you need advice on installation or design, our expert Perth team have seen it all and we’re here to help!



Panel and post retaining wall designs are a prefabricated concrete retaining wall system, which are structurally engineered and include galvanized steel reinforcing, with increased concrete strength achieved with chemical additives. As the name suggests, the panels are fitted in between the posts and this type of retaining can be constructed to a maximum height of 1800mm. It is council approved and is now becoming available in a range of different finishes as well. With a straightforward and fast installation, this is one of the more affordable retaining wall options, well suited for area’s where space is limited. While it is arguably not the most aesthetically pleasing retaining wall option, it can be useful in larger areas and if accompanied by a good planting design, it can be effectively integrated within your garden design.

Design tip: Plants can be a fantastic way of softening the appearance of a generic panel and post retaining wall. Why not look at planting a species such as Dichondra silver falls to spill over the edge of the wall, or a Creeping fig to climb up and along the wall?



Reconstituted limestone retaining walls are a very common sight in landscaping jobs throughout Perth. This type of garden retaining wall is favoured by many property developers and homeowners, due to its adaptable and durable nature. The blocks consist of a combination of crushed limestone and cement, both of which add to the strength and durability of the product. This type of landscaping retaining wall is most frequently used when a wall is higher than 1800mm, or if it needs to be load bearing. Different surface finishes are also available, such as stone, split, polished and honed. While the most popular colour seen around Perth is the traditional light cream limestone colour, several suppliers also stock other colours, ranging from rustic reds to cool greys. Typical limestone block dimensions are 200mm wide by 500mm long by 350mm high and despite their solid appearance; these can be used in a range of different landscaping applications.

Design tip: When selecting the block colour and finish for your garden retaining wall design, consider the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve and opt for a finish to further compliment this. For example, a darker rustic red finish may work nicely if you are in a more rural location, such as the Perth Hills.



Bricks are widely used in landscaping throughout Perth and are also a popular garden retaining wall material. Unlike panel and post and reconstituted limestone retaining, a much wider colour palette is available in brick, which can be closely matched to the finishes of your home, whether you have a traditional red brick façade, or a contemporary rendered brick finish. A more rustic aesthetic, with recycled brick is also very in vogue at present and brick may also be painted, as a cost-effective alternative, all of which can transform your garden design from drab to fab. Bricks popularity for retaining is also due to its flexibility as a material, as both curved and angled retaining walls can be created with ease. This material is also well suited to Perth’s climatic extremes and when professionally installed, will stand the test of time. Brick retaining walls can also be engineered for added strength, through the use of solid foundations, steel reinforcing, or even a double brick wall if required.

Design tip: It is always a good idea to look at the materials already present in your garden design and select a material that further compliments this. If you have a more traditional style home, why not consider a recycled brick retaining wall (you may even have some left-over bricks available on site), or if you have a modern home with clean lines and a neutral colour pallet, why not look at going for a similar render colour on your brick retaining wall?



Steel retaining walls are in a league of their own. In Perth alone, several companies are now specialising solely in steel retaining and garden edging, as it can be an excellent design solution for a whole range of garden retaining wall designs.  Depending on the supplier, there are a range of steel finishes available, with the two most popular being galvanised steel and a rustic weathered steel, or Corten look steel. As you would imagine, the generic steel finish is just that. It will often be very shiny when first installed and tends to become more neutral in colour as it ages. However, it can also be powder coated, so you could introduce a range of colours to your landscape design if desired.

If earthy tones are more your thing, a Corten steel look edging may be the way to go. Surprisingly, this material doesn’t look overly special when it is first installed, but as it is exposed to the elements, it will slowly start to transform into a gorgeous rusty finish and this process can take several months. Steel retaining walls also come in varying heights up to approximately 850mm high. The important thing to remember for higher profiles, is that these will require further strength, which is achieved by approximately a third of the overall profile height being buried in the soil and held in place with stakes. Steel garden retaining walls are also incredibly durable and can be bent and shaped as required, to achieve the desired results.

Design tip: There are numerous application options for steel retaining in your landscaping project in Perth. For example, if you have an area with a level change that requires some steps, you could consider using Corten look steel edging as the step riser for something a bit different.



Whether you’re interested in a garden retaining wall made from steel, brick, limestone, or panel and posting, at Luke’s Landscaping, our expert team can help design and build a landscaping retaining wall perfect for your front or backyard. If you’re unsure which material or design will be best suited for your property, we’re here to help and can provide you with a competitive quote. Ready to start the process? Contact us today!

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