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The benefit of Trees in your Landscape Design

Landscape design seems to be an afterthought for many homeowners, especially when they have already put a lot of time and resources into planning, building, or renovating their home. But as Perth grows, so does the need for well designed landscapes, which wherever possible, should include trees. The urban heat island effect is a significant issue in Perth’s suburbs, which have been measured to be up to 10 degrees hotter than our rural areas. Green space and tree’s help to remedy this, with tree canopies providing much needed shade and cooling in the hot Summer months. Local governments are already doing their bit to plant more street trees and protect existing ones, but what about privately owned properties?

Urban infill is occurring throughout our suburbs and this often results in the felling of mature trees, to make room for new homes. With many building footprints and paved surfaces taking up the majority of sections, it can be hard to squeeze in any usable outdoor areas, let alone trees! This is where good landscape design comes in.

Many homeowners are unaware of the long list of benefits a well designed landscape, with trees can deliver, including increased property value, improved health and wellbeing, enhanced lifestyle and leisure, heightened ecological value, the list goes on! Landscape Designers in Perth have had to become experts in small space design, especially in new developments and urban infill areas and surprisingly, a beautiful and usable outdoor living environment can be created, even in the smallest of spaces.

Ideally a Landscape Designer should be engaged as early in the building process as possible, as this will ensure you get the most out of your outdoor areas, which are all too often forgotten in the rush of activity surrounding the build. Not only will your Landscape Designer resolve the overall layout of your outdoor space, including all hardscape elements such as pools, paving, decking, seating and pergolas, they will also provide you with a carefully selected list of the most suitable plant and tree species for your property, effectively marrying these into the design style you are wanting to create.

Where there are no existing trees to tie in with the proposed landscape design, there is a great range of small native and exotic tree species, that have been carefully cultivated to thrive in Perth’s challenging soils and climate. In areas where continuous shade and aesthetic consistency are required, why not consider planting an evergreen tree (which as the name suggests, keeps it’s leaves all year round). If you would rather let in the Winter sun and add some Autumn colour to your space, why not plant a deciduous tree (which will lose it’s leaves in Autumn and grow new leaves in Spring).

By choosing the right tree for the right place, you will not only be doing your bit to combat the urban heat island effect, but get all those great site scale bonuses as well. So whether you are building, renovating, or are just keen to get the most out of your outdoor area’s, why not consider getting the professionals in, to help you create the landscape design and outdoor space you have always dreamed of.

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