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There’s a right and wrong way for almost everything, and installing roll on lawn is no exception. Ever wonder why so many of the new lawns you see around Perth look dry and brown? Most of the time the issue all comes down to how the lawn was installed. Very often we see people having to reinstall a lawn completely because the “old” lawn has died off in a matter of months since installation.

At Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services here’s how we go about installing a new lawn.

The Location

All lawns require direct sunlight to grow, it’s important to choose a location that receives at least 3 to 7 hours of direct sunlight per day – depending on what type of lawn you choose. If your location doesn’t receive that much sunlight all year round, we don’t recommend installing lawn there.

Whenever possible we try to keep the location away from directly contacting walls/fences as this makes maintenance significantly easier. We achieve this by installing a border of paving, stones or a garden bed.

The Sir Walter buffalo lawn is bordered by garden or paving. Easy to maintain and also gives the area a stylish, professional look.

The Foundation

This is the number one mistake we see when it comes to installing a new lawn in Perth. Too often contractors and DIYers alike just throw down some fertiliser onto the sand and proceed to lay the lawn.

What you may not know, is that most lawn suppliers recommend at least 100mm-300mm of good quality top soil, to be installed under a new lawn. If that’s not possible on your budget, we at least mix through some soil improver that contains nutrients to give your lawn a much better chance than just straight sand.

The Reticulation

Poor water coverage is another major mistake we come across in new (and old) lawns. If the sprinklers aren’t set out correctly, the lawn will quickly become brown and patchy, dying off completely in some areas.

When installing roll on lawn in Perth we set out the pop up sprinklers for ‘head-to-head’ coverage. This means each pop up sprinkler throws to the base of the next and vice versa. This ensures an even application of water, helping to prevent brown patches and overwatering.

Laying the Lawn

After making sure the area is smooth, level and between 20mm-40mm (depending on the type of lawn) below the surrounding surfaces (paving, driveway, curb etc.), it’s time to lay the lawn. So that the lawn meshes together well, we install it in a brick-like pattern. Although the lawn comes in rectangular slabs or rolls, it can be cut into any shape, ensuring a smooth and complete finished product.

The lawn is now fully laid, and we run a compactor over it to remove any air pockets and bed the roots firmly into the soil.

Finishing Touches

The reticulation is set to run daily in the morning, at noon and in the evening. This is because the new lawn needs to be kept wet constantly to help it establish. You must contact the Water Corporation for a permit to water outside of your usual schedule.

We then cut around all the sprinklers and install sprinkler surrounds (plastic or concrete) to mark and protect the pop ups.

In Conclusion

Installing roll on lawn Perth is tricky – due to our hot, dry climate and watering restrictions. That is why it’s so important to do it right, the first time. At Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services we’re passionate about providing our roll on grass Perth clients with beautiful gardens they will love. A lush, green lawn area is a space to entertain, to play, to look out and just enjoy.

If you’re interested in installing roll on lawn on any kind of roll on turf Perth, contact us for a free site consultation and quote.

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