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Repairing Reticulation Pipes

Repairing Reticulation Pipes
February 27, 2018 Luke Porter

Repairing Reticulation Pipes

When undertaking a Perth reticulation repair job it can be an arduous task without the knowledge, tools and correct equipment. One common problem is the issue of broken PVC Piping. The main issue most people have is trying to bend the pipe to fit a new joiner in which can often crack the pipe or put pressure on other fittings, also often there is no room in-between fittings and if handled incorrectly dirt can get into the system and block up solenoids or sprinklers and cause a lot of ongoing issues. Here are some helpful pointers if you undertake to fix this issue.


Step 1
Dig out the area-clear a decent hole around the affected area ensuring you dig well under the pipe and to either side of it allowing plenty of room to fix the issue and ensure dirt and water cannot get into the pipes once you start the repairing the reticulation. Often what will happen is that once you cut the pipe to repair it excess water will run out and fill up the hole and if it fills it up too much it can fill up the area with dirt and water causing major issues.

Step 2
Keep a bucket of clean water near you at all times, this will ensure if you need to rinse a fitting, clean your hands or wash tools you can do so quickly and keep the affected area as clean as possible. Remember the more dirt that gets into the pipes the more potential issues that will come back to bother you.

Step 3
Clean around the pipe with a cloth and if needed water and then dry it

Ensure you have an Expandable Telescopic Joiner (Slip-Fix) This is one of the most useful parts for repairing PVC retic piping I would go as far as saying ‘Invaluable’ It’s a must-have for any retic repair man.

PVC pipe cement

Step 4

Prime the inside of the fittings and the outside of the pipe on both ends if in a high-pressure situation (bore or very high pressure from mains) then apply high-quality PVC pipe cement and ensure you get high-pressure glue. Don’t apply to much or it can melt the pipe and fittings but ensure you smoothly spread pipe cement on both the internal fitting and the external pipe covering completely the areas to be glued, then push in and twist it a little. Be sure you are quick, or it will dry!

You will need to push the larger female end of the Slipfix onto one end of the pipe first,wait for a minute or two for the glue to start to dry and then push the extendable section onto the other end of the pipe twisting it as you insert it into the prepared coupling you would have glued onto the other end of the pipe.

Step 5
Leave the glue for as long as possible before testing- if low pressure and off the mains you can normally do a test in the first 15-30 minutes. If it’s under pressure or off a bore 24-48 hours is a safer option

If you have any issues at all with fixing your retic pipe please feel free to call us at any time on 0424 133 950 we service and repair all reticulation  in all Perth Suburbs, and can fix your sprinklers and do much more!

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  • Luke and his hard-working team did a great job transforming our home garden and lawn areas. His is attention to detail and expert advice were second to none. All staff assigned by Luke for our landscaping work were knowledgeable, courteous and considerate at all times. Luke has a long-term vision for landscaping projects - as evident from the careful choice of appropriate soil types and reticulation design/layout. Sustainable, beautiful gardens/landscaping is Luke's passion!
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