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Here at Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services we can arrange a professional reticulation design and quote absolutely free of charge!

Whether you are a new home owner or you are about to reticulate your existing lawns and gardens, we have the perfect design solution for you.
Commercial reticulation projects can also access this package. The reticulation plan will come with a list of the main parts used, pictures of the parts and an explanation of how the system functions.

Once your design is complete we can then quote you on the cost of installation of your new system.

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Here are the essential steps to request you free reticulation design

Before you start!
Please read these steps carefully and follow them closely.

Step 1: Download the Reece Irrigation Planner User Guide 

Step 2: Download the Reece Irrigation Planner Instructions

Step 3: Do a bucket flow test

Step 4: Click here to start using the Irrigation Planner
You will need to register as a new New User using a valid email address and personal password.

Step 5: Upload a site plan for your project
You will need to upload a yard plan showing the lawn and garden areas in order for us to arrange your free design.

> Submit a completed plan. This can either be a house plan or a landscaping plan. It must be to scale or have the measurements on the plan.

> Submit an existing image of the house and yard, such as a photo from Google earth or near maps or any aerial picture of the property. You must have the measurements of at least one side of the yard on this.

> You can draw a plan using the Reece Irrigation Planner and online tools

Step 6: Use our Promo code for 10% discount off the parts.
When you book your design, please us the promo code Lukes6025 in the name your project section when submitting your project or design and we will give you 10% off the parts.

Please allow 5 full working days to receive your concept plan back.
Once you receive the plan back email it to us for your free quote!
Please be advised that all quotes are subject to a site visit and unforeseen obstacle’s or pressure differences could change the design and quotation once we have inspected the site.

IMPORTANT: To receive your special discount structure from Luke’s Landscaping, you must enter the special PROMO CODE… Lukes6025 in the Name Your Project section when submitting your project or design.

Step 7: Email us
Once you have uploaded all of the information in Steps 1 to 6 above use the contact form below to tell us the name of your project and the date you have submitted it.
Should you require any further assistance contact us for help.

The bucket flow test is a simple and effective way to establish the existing water supply flow rate, at your property. Fill up a 9.6 L garden bucket from the front tap closest to the water meter and record the time in seconds it takes to fill up. If you do not have a 9.6 L bucket, please record the size of the bucket and the time taken seconds to fill it up.

The information must be entered when uploading the plan to the online Reticulation Planner.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Irrigation Planner

The Irrigation Planner is designed to provide homeowners and commercial entities with a professional, custom reticulation plan for their lawns and gardens. This plan includes detailed parts lists, images, and explanations of how the proposed irrigation system functions, ensuring efficient and effective water management for your landscaping needs.

To begin, you need to follow a series of steps starting with downloading the Reece Irrigation Planner User Guide and Instructions. Conduct a bucket flow test to measure water flow rate, register and use the Irrigation Planner online, and upload a site plan of your yard. These steps ensure a comprehensive understanding and accurate design for your irrigation needs.

There are three options: you can submit a completed, to-scale house or landscaping plan with measurements, an existing aerial image with at least one yard measurement (like a Google Earth photo), or you can create a plan using the Reece Irrigation Planner’s online tools. This flexibility allows for a tailored approach to each unique property.

Yes, you can use the promo code Lukes6025 when booking your design to receive a 10% discount on the parts for your irrigation system. This offer is a part of Luke’s Landscaping special discount structure and must be entered in the Name Your Project section when submitting your design.

After submitting all the required information, please allow up to 5 full working days to receive your concept plan. This timeframe ensures the Reece Irrigation design team can prepare a comprehensive and efficient plan for your specific needs.

The bucket flow test is crucial as it helps determine the existing water supply flow rate at your property. This information is vital for designing an irrigation system that is both efficient and effective, ensuring that the system is tailored to your property’s specific water supply capabilities.

The design will be professionally prepared by the Reece Irrigation design team who are Waterwise specialists. PLEASE NOTE: Reece are a trade only supplier and DO NOT INSTALL reticulation. Once you have uploaded all the relevant information the team at Reece Irrigation will begin working on a concept plan for you.

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