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This landscaping project in Mount Lawley was proudly completed by our expert team. As Landscaping contractors, we service this area regularly and can also offer the service of landscape design, as well as retic installation, lawn installation and more. Our job was to install a new lawn and create a garden bed around the perimeter of the lawn. When we had originally quoted the Landscaping project in Mount Lawley, we had discovered what is fairly typical in other local landscaping jobs and that is very sandy soil. This soil has very little nutrients in it and will not retain or hold water well. It was obvious we needed to improve what was there. We also had to be conscious of the budget of our client and worked closely with them to achieve the result they wanted. We were able to supply smaller plants instead of larger ones which would grow over time, and this resulted in a big saving. 

On this particular landscaping project in Mount Lawley, we dug out the lawn area and removed a good amount of sandy soil in preparation for a good soil foundation to the lawn. This meant we were well prepared before any further work was to begin. 

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What we Did

We planted a Lilly Pilly Hedge around the perimeter of the lawn. The plants where small when we planted them but will grow over time. We installed good soil to the plants along with sheep manure and slow release fertilizer. We then mulched the garden beds thickly with Jarrah Wood Chips.


We installed a thick layer of good soil to the lawn area and then levelled it out nicely. We then turned on the reticulation (existing) and wet the area down for few minutes to firm it up before laying. Once it was wet down we fertilized the area well with Dynamic Lifter and also ECO PRIME RED which is a slow release fertilizer.

We were now ready for laying the lawn. The lawn type we had decided to go with was Velvetene ( available through Superior Lawns Australia. It has a number of characteristics that people love, one of the main ones is it has a velvet touch and is very soft. It is also very formal looking and can be mown down to 3mm. We installed the lawn and then turned the reticulation on for a few minutes to wet it down. If it’s hot it’s important to do this when installing as the lawn may have been out all day in the heat and will be thirsty. Once we had done this we then compacted the lawn well to help smooth out any bumps and get rid of air pockets. It helps if the lawn is wet when you compact as otherwise the compactor moves very slowly and can grip on the lawn.

We then focused on presentation, sweeping up then hosing the entire area down, including surrounding paths. This is one of the most important parts of the job as presentation is key, and just a small obvious amount of work made a huge impact. The end result was that our clients were extremely happy with the outcome and loved their new landscaped area.  

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