MP Rotator Sprinkler Installation

MP ROTATOR sprinklers Are popular, effective and versatile

The MP Rotator is our most popular and widely used product, when working in homes around Perth here at Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation services. It is the most effective and versatile sprinkler nozzle that we use. Whether we are servicing or repairing reticulation systems, or looking for an effective way to water our new lawns and gardens that we regularly install, then the Waterwise MP Rotator is the first sprinkler nozzle that springs to mind. There are many reasons to use this sprinkler in your home reticulation system in the hot dry summer that Perth provides.

retrofitting to existing systems

Reticulation systems that have low pressure can greatly benefit from having MP Rotators retrofitted onto them. The nozzle of the MP Rotator will screw straight into most pop ups, making this an easy job for anyone to do. Because the MP Rotators have a slower application rate, run at lower pressure and use less water you can run far more heads per station. What this means when using them to fix pressure problems is that simply changing the heads from normal sprays to MP Rotators can dramatically improve coverage and water pressure. This can also hugely improve your lawns and gardens because of the MP Rotator’s water efficient features.

It can in some instances be cheaper to install MP Rotators onto a low pressure system to resolve the problem than it is to dig it all up, add extra solenoids in and split the stations up….

By using the MP Rotator on new reticulation installations you can use less heads as they throw further, less fittings and materials and less labour. It also means a smaller controller and fewer solenoid valves. And if you can do that while installing a superior reticulation system then it would be crazy not to!

retrofitting existing reticulation
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main benefits of using mp rotator sprinklers

By using a traditional spray the sections of the ground that absorb water quicker are getting more water than they should and the sections that absorb water slower are getting less. The water runs off the less absorbent sections and gets soaked up in the sections that don’t need more, which could leave you with a patchy or uneven lawn! The MP Rotator’s slow application will result in the whole area having a gradual soak and giving those dryer sections of soil time to absorb it all in.

Other benefits of the slow application rate include reduced run off, which is perfect for hills and slopes and also ideal for clay soils that take a long time to soak in water.

fully adjustable arc and range of sizes

heavy droplets reduce water loss

even application rate from start to finish of sprinkler radius

important points to ensure full effectiveness

Now in saying all that, there are several things to be mindful of when installing MP Rotators if you want them to be effective.

  • They must be run longer than normal sprays! The biggest mistake people make is running them for the same amount of time as a normal spray. This will kill your lawn in summer quicker than a bottle of round up! Because they have such a slow application rate you must run them longer.
  • Set them out head to head. This is when one sprinkler throws all the way to another sprinkler for overlapping coverage. Don’t stretch them out or you will end up with rings in your lawn and a less effective system. It may cost more but we encourage people not to go for the cheapest short term fix and do it properly; it will cost you less in the long run.
  • The heads are not cheap, make sure your pop ups are 25mm beneath the lawn level so the lawn mower man doesn’t destroy them. If this means installing taller pop up sprinkler bodies that will pop up higher thus allowing them to be sunk lower then it needs to be done!
  • Flush the system well before installing these nozzles. Once they get blocked with dirt they are very hard to clean out again. The small gears inside the sprinkler make it very hard to fix them once clogged.
important points to ensure effectiveness

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