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Learn Reticulation Installation from the Perth Experts

Here at Luke’s Landscaping we install a number of different reticulation systems and brands. Here is just one example of one type of  retic system we commonly install for home residential properties. Please note we install many other types of systems and products and this is just an example

When completing your retic Installation we will proceed in the following manner

  • Our licensed plumber will install a cut in just after the water meter. He will install a dual check, non-return valve from the reticulation cut in so water cannot flow back from the reticulation system into the mains water. This valve is a legal requirement from the Water Corporation for all new reticulation installations.The plumber will also install an emergency isolation tap after the dual check valve. This is a manual tap that can shut off the water supply to the reticulation without cutting water to the rest of the property. This manual valve would be used in the case of a leak in the reticulation system.
  • Our licensed electrician will hardwire a new  Rainbird controller to the wall. Low voltage wiring will be run from the controller to the solenoid valves. The controller sends the valves signals to turn off and on through this wiring. The wiring will be run through the wall cavity and out into the ground at the base of the wall. The wiring ‘which is in a core not single strand’ will be taped underneath the PVC main line or be housed in conduit until it reaches the solenoids. This will protect the wiring from potential damage when digging in the garden.
  • We will install a master solenoid valve at the point where the plumber has installed a cut in. This valve is specially rated to hold mains pressure. It will only open and allow water through to the retic system when one of the solenoids is activated via the reticulation control box. This means the system will never be under pressure which increases the risk of pipes bursting and losing large volumes of water. If the system is ever damaged, the master solenoid ensures that it only leaks when the reticulation turns on for its scheduled cycle, instead of leaking 24 hours a day. This greatly minimizes the damage and potential water loss that can arise from any leaks to your system.
  • The solenoid valves control the different irrigation zones via a signal from the controller. Each valve is housed inside a valve box with a green lid. We install these boxes with the top 50mm visible in the garden areas to allow for easy access and maintenance. In the lawn areas these boxes sit with the lids flush with the lawn.
  • 20mm PVC is run from the lawn solenoids to the pop up sprinklers. 19mm LD poly pipe will be run from the garden solenoids to the garden sprinklers.

Lawn sprinkler set up

  • We will install 100mm pop up sprinklers with waterwise Hunter MP Rotator nozzles in the lawn areas. They will be installed on either side of the lawn throwing to each other for head to head coverage. Where needed we will install the pop up sprinklers in the centre of the lawn area for full coverage.
  • Each pop up connects to the PVC pipe via articulated risers. These articulated risers protect the PVC from damage and allow for easy adjustment of each pop up’s height.
  • Each pop up sprinkler will be 25mm below the surface of the lawn and at least 50mm away from the surrounding surfaces. This helps to protect the sprinklers from edging and mowing.
  • MP Rotators are a waterwise sprinkler head with a low precipitation application, saving up to 30% water. With the multi trajectory stream they are wind resistant and unlike your traditional sprays can be run for 3 times as long thus applying water slowly and uniformly, reducing runoff and allowing the water to soak in further. They have a “double pop” design, flushing on startup & shutdown which keeps sprinklers free from debris. MP Rotators can also run on half the mains water pressure than your traditional sprays, allowing you to have double the amount of sprinklers on a station.

Garden sprinkler set up

  • For sprays we commonly use MP Rotators or standard nozzles on risers with smaller micro sprays for tiny areas.
  • We prefer to use  subsurface dripline where possible. We install the Subsurface drip line to the following prepared garden areas. We will space the dripline in 30cm intervals for blanket area coverage, and with the water omitting out of each hole it soaks deep down reaching the roots.
  • Each dripline station will have one air release valve, one pressure regulator and one Arkal disk filter. There will be at least one flushing valve on every station.
  • The dripline will lay flat on the ground and is designed to have 100mm of mulch installed after installation. This is the owner’s responsibility to install the mulch unless we have otherwise arranged.
  • This system is waterwise and is very effective at minimizing water loss and evaporation.

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