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Reticulation Installation

Reticulation Installation – all Perth Suburbs

At Luke’s Landscaping we offer professional reticulation installation.

Reticulation is our specialty and we have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to new retic installations. We offer a wide range of reticulation systems to suit any requirements. We can supply and install the entire system and coordinate any trades or services required including plumbing, electrical work, bore drilling and installation, and anything else that is required for the installation of your reticulation system.

We are a one stop shop when it comes to new reticulation installations and offer systems that are from the water mains or from a water bore, both manual and automatic retic installations and battery or solar operated reticulation systems.

Systems we can typically install

  • Standard spray systems
  • Waterwise rotary nozzle systems
  • New controller installations and controller swap overs
  • Weatherwise controllers and rain sensors
  • Shrubbler and dripper systems
  • PVC poly systems and subsurface dripline systems
  • Manual, automatic, battery operated and solar systems
  • And much much more



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Why use us?


When it comes to reticulation installation, we always use high quality parts and believe in doing things properly the first time. We are a member of Irrigation Australia, the Governing body that regulates the reticulation industry, and our staff have completed courses and training to help us become better at our jobs.

You can find some examples of the Luke’s Landscaping difference below.

  • We use waterproof gel connectors for the wiring and ensure it’s all in protected pipe ‘conduit’ or in a core. This means less maintenance issues in the future for our customers.
  • We install all of the sprinklers at the right heights and in the correct places. This means they won’t get broken by cars, lawnmowers or edgers.
  • We ensure proper planning for sprinklers in garden beds and this means they will still cover when things begin to grow.
  • We always use high quality parts and that means they will last longer saving you money in the long term.

We take our retic installations very seriously, we always try to plan for the long term, and think ahead when designing your reticulation system.

It’s worth taking these things into account when selecting a company as the true cost of reticulation installation can be far higher if a substandard system is installed.

If you are looking for irrigation installation for your lawn, then contact the the team at Luke’s Landscaping today.

Client Satisfaction

We care about what you think of us! We offer a warranty on all of our work and will always ensure that our clients are satisfied with their new retic installation.

We install reticulation because we are passionate about ensuring your garden is as beautiful and alive as it can be. That’s why we do what we do.


We live and breathe reticulation. It’s what we are passionate about. We know the industry standard that needs to be met when installing a new reticulation system, we have completed training through the irrigation association and we are always updating what we know through our suppliers’ contacts and industry bodies we belong too.


We have fast response times (with the exception being peak summer periods). We have a dedicated Estimator preparing all reticulation installation quotes to ensure we can get your quote to you as quickly as possible. We have an office location and can be contacted by phone any day of the week. We have a team of reticulation installation and maintenance specialists to keep up with our busy work.

If you are considering a reticulation installation in Perth, please give us a call on 0401 372 277 or inquire below.


  • Great job at our place. Great service and price.
  • They came within two days of my call and on time. We live on 5 acres and had a solenoid problem and a few other things. It was all replaced or repaired as quickly as possible and the trades person was polite and friendly. I am happy to recommend Luke’s Landscaping and Reticulation to others and other horse property owners and I will be keeping their card and using them again if needed.
  • Did a great job on my retic. Were fast and accurate. Easy to work with. Showed up on time. Couldn't ask for more.
  • The team from Luke's have been out to place twice to 1) fix up a messy retic installation by the previous owners of our house 2) fully automate our retic. My experience in a nutshell - excellent communication, service and always on time. Each invoice has included a list of recommendations for further improving our setup, which is really handy as a reference. They also proactively called and asked for feedback on team members and I can't think of another business I've dealt with recently that has had any interest in the customer experience. Highly recommended.
    Andrew Taylor
  • Quick efficient work. Friendly staff, great price.

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