Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Lawn Installation

sir walter turf

It should come as no surprise to you that, of all of the turf options available, Sir Walter buffalo is the one asked for by name by many of our clients, such is its well established and hard-earned reputation.

Sir Walter grass in Perth has the ability to withstand our harsh Australian conditions, is ideal for the extreme heat and water restrictions we experience here in Perth and even the floods experienced in other states.

It is a premium quality, hard-wearing, soft leaf, buffalo grass that is more resilient to disease, pests and fungus than other grasses. It is a lawn that is hardy and tough, thrives in shade and sun, and will stay green and lush throughout the year.

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Educating your lawn to go the distance when conditions are hot and dry is important.

As a general guide:

> Deep watering for longer periods is more beneficial than frequent light sprinkles

> New lawns should be deeply watered three times per week during the summer months and once a week in winter

> Watering exemptions are available for newly established lawns to enable watering up to three times per day

> If an exemption is granted between 1 October to 31 March, a 42 day exemption applies from the day of planting

> Do not over-water your lawn

> Established lawns in Australian conditions need a minimum of two deep waterings per week with an efficient system

> If an exemption is granted between 1 April to 30 September, a 35 day exemption applies from the day of planting

> Early mornings, when wind and evaporation are at their lowest is the ideal time to water

> Always use a well designed irrigation system for best and most consistent results

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