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Learn Reticulation Installation from the Perth Experts

Here at Luke’s Landscaping we Install a number of different reticulation systems and brands. Here is just one example of one type of retic system we commonly install for home residential properties. Please note we install many other types of systems and products and this is just an example

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What We Offer As Part Of Our Reticulation Service

When servicing your retic in Perth we can do a number of things for you.

We can fix one sprinkler head, or one solenoid valve or look at specific areas you direct us too. We often fix once off items and have the parts and equipment to deal with most situations. The most common once off reticulation repair service we cover are:

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best plants for landscapes

The best plants for landscapes in Perth

Perth’s landscape is pretty remarkable. From untamed bushland in the hills, to the ever-changing wetlands on the plains and our stunning coastline, there really is something here for everyone! Part of what makes our back yard so unique, is it’s incredible diversity in native plant and animal life.

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Why get a landscape design

Getting a Landscape design is an important part of your landscaping process. And lets face it we plan for everything else in life. Why not plan your project properly so you get the best outcome and achieve a result you are not only happy with but also create a space you love!

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