reticulation 5 things you must do

Reticulation in Perth: Five things you must do

Reticulation in Perth – Australia’s driest major city – is a big deal.

You wouldn’t know it going by the rainfall we’ve had in 2018 so far, but in recent years Perth’s annual rainfall has consistently declined by an average of 3mm. Meanwhile, the number of months recording rainfall of at least 200mm has halved.

In Western Australia 40% of our water is used on our gardens. That’s quite a terrifying figure and we all need to do our bit in bringing the numbers down.

But it doesn’t mean that we have to have a brown lawn and dead plants.

To get the best from your reticulation whilst also being mindful of water usage – here are five things you must do.

1. Install a water-wise irrigation system

Concerned about how much water you’re using? Installing an irrigation controller is a great way to keep on top of your water usage.

It’s possible to program many controllers to automatically water more in summer whilst watering less in spring and autumn (there’s permanent ban on watering in Perth during winter). You can also install a rain sensor on controllers – there are few things more exasperating to us than seeing someone’s garden retic on when it’s raining!

Taking a waterwise approach to irrigation is particularly important here in dry Perth from an environmental perspective… but it will also save you money.

Want some tips on installing waterwise reticulation? Click here

2. Adhere to the Water Corporation’s retic regulations

Garden reticulation is subject to some pretty strict rules, with set times (before 9am and after 6pm) and designated watering days based on where you live.

As mentioned earlier, Perth also has a permanent winter sprinkler ban in place from 1st June – 31st August each year.

Residents caught breaching the sprinkler roster or watering in winter can receive a $100 fine. You can read more about Perth’s watering days here.

3. Look after your retic system

It’s really important to keep your system maintained as neglecting it can be costly.

Annual reticulation services are highly recommended to make sure all components comprising a retic system are in good condition. Are all nozzles unblocked? Are sprinklers are the optimum height? Is the whole garden getting even coverage?

Visit our reticulation service page for a full list of steps.

4. Use the correct sprinkler for its application

Your system (whether it is a bore or scheme) can only deliver a certain flow rate (the number of litres let through per minute) at a specific pressure.

To have a good retic system with optimum performance, the same brand – and type – of sprinkler pop-ups and nozzles should be used. Each application will require a specific type of nozzle (which will in turn have its own flow rate) to work within your system.

Mixing different sprinkler types will give you problems as these are specifically designed to give you optimum performance to your flow rate. Specialists in irrigation can help you decide what is best for you.

5. Get the professionals in if you’re not sure.

There are a number of businesses offering irrigation services and help with reticulation in Perth. Make sure that landscaping business you hire comes with good reviews.

At Luke’s Landscaping we pride ourselves on being one of the very best when it comes to reticulation and we have worked hard to earn an excellent reputation for its installation and maintenance.

Looking for help regarding reticulation? We’d love to assist you. Contact us today!

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