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Reticulation installation Perth: Choosing the right people for the job

Reticulation is something that most homeowners need to think about in order to have their garden looking they’re during the warmer months.

There are several businesses offering irrigation services and help with reticulation installation in Perth. So how do you know which one to choose? We’ve got some tips for you in this blog post…

See what previous customers are saying about them

Make sure that the landscaping business you hire comes with good reviews – If a business has happy customers then you’re probably going to be happy with their service, too.

See if their website has customer testimonials, or check out the reviews on their Facebook page if they have one.

If you can’t get an idea of how previous customers have felt about their experience of getting their retic installed, you might not want to risk giving them your hard-earned dollars.

It’s also worth asking friends and family in the area about the business that did their reticulation installation in Perth.

Make sure there is a warranty on any work done

 Put simply, a reticulation installer who puts a warranty on their work is one that’s confident in the service they’re providing.

Yes, sometimes things happen that aren’t the fault of the installer, but we certainly prefer that our customers don’t wear the cost of the repairs.

You also have peace of mind that should something happen, you’re covered financially.

Ask about their training

Unfortunately, there are a few cowboys out there claiming they can do reticulation installation in Perth. You don’t want those guys getting their mitts on your retic – ask any potential installer about their experience and knowledge or equivalent qualifications.

We’re a member of Irrigation Australia, the governing body that regulates the reticulation industry,

Check on the quality of the materials being used

The phrase “buy cheap, buy twice” springs to mind here. The very cheapest sprinkler heads and wiring connectors are normally low quality and you’ll have to replace them pretty quickly.

For example, we use waterproof gel connectors for our wiring and ensure it’s all in protected pipe conduit or in a core (not single strand). This means fewer maintenance issues in the future for our customers.

You want to choose a service provider who uses high quality parts. The parts will last longer – and save you money in the long term.

What’s the reticulation installation cost?

As a general rule, you get what you pay for. Reticulation installation in Perth isn’t cheap – and if you receive a really low quote, you need to wonder why. Are they using cheap, low quality materials? Are they qualified to do the job? Is there a warranty on their work? What’s the quality of workmanship? How thorough are they and are you really getting the full amount of sprinkles you need to achieve head to head coverage. Have they taken care to design the best system for your style of garden and lawn? Are they passionate about the Landscaping Industry?

We’re not saying go with the most expensive quote. But we are saying be wary of the really cheap ones.

Looking for reticulation installation in Perth? We’d love to help you. Contact us today!

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