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Using Natural Stone in Your Perth Landscape Design

Using Natural Stone in Your Perth Landscape Design
August 21, 2018 Luke Porter


When planning your Perth landscape design you are likely to have spaces such as Alfresco’s, pathways, pool surrounds and seating areas, which require a hard surface underfoot. While engineered products such as exposed aggregate and composite pavers, are often utilised for larger areas around the home, it can be nice to consider a more unique product, such as natural stone paving, for areas where you want the ‘wow’ factor. Four versatile and cost effective types of natural stone paving are Bluestone, Granite, Travertine and Limestone. These generally come in uniform thicknesses, in a range of formats such as cobblestones, crazy paving, rectangular pavers, square pavers and modular pavers (pavers in differing sizes laid in a pattern) and in different finishes as well, with the most common of these being sawn, tumbled and honed.

Using Natural Stone For Landscaping


A beautiful mid to dark grey volcanic stone, with earthy undertones and unique patterning also known as ‘cats paws’, which are clusters of small holes featured throughout the stones surface. It is incredibly strong and durable, which makes it ideal for a wide range of garden applications. Depending on the supplier, this stone generally comes in a impressive range of formats as well including cobblestones, crazy paving, rectangular and square formats, modular paving and organic steppers as well. The organic steppers (which are cut from a Bluestone boulder), are great if you want to introduce more of a natural informal aesthetic to your outdoor living area and can be a good way to green up a space, by planting hardy groundcovers between the steppers. Whether you are planning your landscape design yourself, or are working with a garden landscaping designer in Perth, it is always important to consider the existing colours and materials on your site and to select a paving material that further compliments these. As an example, Bluestone can look really lovely set against the earthy red tones of bricks, or against a warm grey rendered brick facade.


Similar to Bluestone, Granite also derives from volcanic origins and is another strong and durable natural stone product. The great thing about Granite is that it comes in a range of colours, from very light speckled greys through to almost charcoal greys and sometimes, red tones may be available as well. If grey is a dominant theme in your Perth landscape design, this may be a good natural stone choice for you. Granite is also excellent for pool surrounds and with the right finish; it can offer great slip resistance. There are also a range of pool coping options available to match your pool style, such as rebated coping, square edge coping and bullnose coping. Your natural stone supplier will be able to provide expert advice on the stone product you are interested in, whether this is suitable for the area you are wanting to pave and will often supply you with best practice stone sealing and installation instructions as well.

Using Natural Stone For Landscaping


Are very different to both Bluestone and Granite, as they are sedimentary stones. Travertine is typically light to deep cream in colour and can have small holes on its surface, which can be left as they are, or filled with grout depending on personal preference. If you are after more of a clean contemporary look, a square cut finish can work well with this stone. However, if an aged classical look is more you, a tumbled finish will deliver. Many suppliers will also have a modular option available in this stone, which can add yet another dimension to your garden design in Perth. Similar to Travertine, Limestone also tends to have lighter cream tones, but light greys may also sourced from some quarries. Generally this product is supplied in a tumbled finish, which gives it more of an aged appearance, compared to its more contemporary counter parts. An incredible feature of this stone that you may not know about, is that it can contain fossils within its surface as well.

Using Natural Stone For Landscaping
Using Natural Stone For Landscaping

An important consideration with all natural stone paving is that it should be appropriately sealed to protect it from the weather, those inevitable red wine stains and from pool chemicals as well. The surface that the stone is being laid on must also be carefully prepared and a concrete base is arguably best practice. We always advise against installing your natural stone directly on yellow sand, as this can cause many issues down the track. As is the case with most home improvement projects, it is important to seek expert advice and your Landscaper can do the hard work for you and install the product, or advise you on the best techniques for doing so. So that is a brief overview of some of the natural stone products available for your Perth landscape design. Naturally there is a pretty significant price range between the differing suppliers and your Landscape Designer, or Landscaper, will be able to advise you on a suitable product to suit your unique application and budget.

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