How to fix brown patches in your lawn

brown patches lawn

Does your lawn have brown patches? Is your lawn patchy and inconsistent, with some areas green and others dying?
We have found many homeowners, just don’t know how to fix a brown patchy lawn.

How to Correctly Install Pop-Up Sprinklers

retrofitting existing reticulation

Broken and ineffective Pop-Ups are perhaps the most common issue with residential irrigation systems in Perth.We’ve all seen that telltale stream of water running down the street, just wasting buckets of precious water.And we’ve all been guilty of letting our lawn grow so tall that it blocks the spray, leaving green patches around each sprinkler and the rest of the lawn yellow.

Reticulation in Ellenbrook

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Ellenbrook’s leading reticulation repair and reticulation installation experts.

The suburb of Ellenbrook was established in 1994 and is actually intended to, in the long term, be a satellite city of Perth. It’s rich in amenities and is often touted as a great place to raise a family. It’s located in a truly stunning part of the world, with the Swan Valley wineries and nature trails right on its doorstep.

But Ellenbrook is also very close to something else.

Learn Reticulation Installation from the Perth Experts

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Here at Luke’s Landscaping we Install a number of different reticulation systems and brands. Here is just one example of one type of retic system we commonly install for home residential properties. Please note we install many other types of systems and products and this is just an example

Installing or Repairing your Reticulation Controller

installing and repairing reticualtion controllers

When installing, servicing and repairing reticulation controllers in Perth there are a number of things to be mindful of. Firstly, there are different types of controller set-ups. There are hard-wired controllers and…

Installing Waterwise Reticulation in Perth

So you want to reticulate your garden, but you want to save water and money at the same time? Well here’s how we do it at Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services:

How to install a Master Solenoid Correctly

master solenoid

A Master Solenoid acts as a fail safe. A system without a Master Valve is always under pressure; what this means is the main supply pipe, which is usually PVC piping, is under pressure the whole way

It’s time to service your reticulation


Summer is upon us and it’s looking to be hot and dry. Don’t get caught out in the summer rush and be left waiting for weeks to repair your reticulation! Call the team at Luke’s Landscaping for a prompt, friendly and reliable service.

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