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Reticulation in Ellenbrook

Reticulation in Ellenbrook

Ellenbrook’s leading reticulation repair and reticulation installation experts.

The suburb of Ellenbrook was established in 1994 and is actually intended to, in the long term, be a satellite city of Perth. It’s rich in amenities and is often touted as a great place to raise a family. It’s located in a truly stunning part of the world, with the Swan Valley wineries and nature trails right on its doorstep.

But Ellenbrook is also very close to something else.

Sand. A lot of it. Read about why that can be a real challenge.

Whilst most gardens within the Perth metro area are built on deep, sandy soils, Ellenbrook’s first development stage (Woodlake Village) was actually built on the site of a former sand quarry.

Stripped of any natural landform and vegetation, the site presented many challenges during the planning and construction stages, and although much work has been done to help improve the soil quality, many residents are not without their share of problems when it comes to keeping their gardens hydrated.

In these circumstances it’s especially important for people living in Ellenbrook to have an efficient reticulation system and a water bore which functions at an optimum level. Their gardens need plenty of water, but we also need to be mindful of water conservation.

How do you know that your garden watering is the most efficient and effective it can be?

You can make sure you’re getting the best result from your retic, for a start.

But you also won’t regret calling in our team here at Luke’s Landscaping.

Why us? We’ll tell you.

  • We’ve got a bucket-load (pun intended!) of experience working with reticulation and water bores in Ellenbrook. Whether it’s reticulation/bore installation and repair, we’re the specialists of choice for many Ellenbrook homeowners.
  • We’re a growing company committed to quality and our team of highly-trained reticulation technicians each service a different area of Perth. This unique set up plus stellar office support means we can service our valuable clients all over the metro area. We’ve got you covered!
  • We’re a full landscape design, construction and maintenance business. This means we can service our clients from the planning stage right through the maintaining your reticulation and gardens after installation. As well as laying new lawn with special soil perfect for Ellenbrooks harsh terrain!

So if you need any of the following reticulation services in Ellenbrook, we’d be delighted to help you.

  • Reticulation installation
  • Reticulation design
  • Reticulation repairs
  • Reticulation systems
  • Reticulation Service
  • Reticulation problems and issues
  • All things retic!
  • Waterwise reticulation systems
  • Water bore repair
  • Drilling of new water bores
  • Replace bore check valves
  • Electrical issues related to water bores
  • Repair or replace bore start box
  • Fix and replace centrifugal pumps
  • Drill high quality submersible bores

Do you live in Ellenbrook and need help with reticulation? We’d love to help you. Contact us today!

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