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Four ways Perth landscapers can help get your garden ready for autumn


It might be mid-summer at the time of writing, but before we know it autumn will be here and with it some cooler weather.

We’re all aware that Perth summers are pretty intense. We all need to stay hydrated, seek shelter where we can and not over-exert ourselves. Well, just imagine how your plants feel!

Even with a flawless irrigation system in place, summer’s tough on your garden. So when autumn comes around in just a few months’ time, we strongly advise that you give your plants, soil and lawn a bit of TLC so they can recuperate from the dazzling heat that Perth brings upon us each year.

Here are four ways that Perth landscapers can help you get your garden ready for autumn…


Autumn is ideal planting weather. Why? Because the soil’s warm enough for root establishment, but not too hot that – to put it bluntly – it fries them!

We’ll focus on selecting water-saving and drought-tolerant plants – either WA natives or plants from similar climates such as the Mediterranean or South Africa.

We also advise that a planting plan is put together to make sure that the right plants (those suitable for Perth’s climate) are used in the most suitable (sunny, shady etc) part of the garden.

Perth landscapers (cough, cough… Luke’s Landscaping!)  can supply and install any plants available on the Perth markets – and supply the design and plan, too.

“Skip and Cameron from Luke’s Landscaping were extremely professional and did a great job to beautifully transform our garden and verge to suit our home and streetscape.”

Jeff (Google Review)


This particularly applies to hedges moving into autumn. We’ll keep them compact now so that when the winter rains set in, they’re under control.

Bushes and shrubs can be pruned back to about a quarter of their size if you necessary. And with flowering shrubs you can remove all old flowers and dead matter.

What do our clients say?

“Luke and his hard-working team did a great job transforming our home garden and lawn areas. His is attention to detail and expert advice were second to none.” – Phil (Google Review)

Planning (for a waterwise garden)

Retic is kind of our “thing” at Luke’s Landscaping. We’ve written plenty about it on our blog.

You might be choosing waterwise plants, but you’ll still need reticulation for them, as well as your lawn. It’s really an essential part of landscape design in Perth. Either that or you’re in for a lot of watering by hand!

Water is a limited resource in WA and we really believe in building waterwise, high-quality irrigation systems that are long-lasting and money-saving.

As soon as we start getting a bit more rain it’s essential that we reduce our water usage in the garden.

We recommend that you look at reducing the run times on your retic controller to between 10-30% of what they are during the summer. And while you’re at it, why not get your retic checked? Our checks include controller re-programming and a thorough system overview.

Don’t take our word for it. Our client Andrew left us an awesome Facebook review:

“The team from Luke’s have been out to place twice to 1) fix up a messy retic installation by the previous owners of our house 2) fully automate our retic.

My experience in a nutshell – excellent communication, service and always on time.

Each invoice has included a list of recommendations for further improving our setup, which is really handy as a reference. They also proactively called and asked for feedback on team members and I can’t think of another business I’ve dealt with recently that has had any interest in the customer experience. Highly recommended.


Your plants have survived months of raging sun – it’s time to give them a treat.

Fertilising your plants is really important as we go into autumn. A combination of both organic (such as Blood and Bone) and synthetic (such as Osmocote) is very effective.

Want to hear what our clients say?

“Absolutely fantastic service. Great company to deal with and I am so happy with the finished job. My lawn has decided to return from heaven for another chance at life and has started turning green.”

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