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Watering days in Perth: Frequently asked questions

Did you know that there are designated garden watering days in Perth in order to conserve water?

In the last couple of decades Western Australia has experienced expanding industry, which in turn has led to a rapidly growing population. Add those factors to WA’s dry climate, and you can see why it’s become essential to effectively manage the state’s water resources.

One way to do this has been to apply restrictions to the use of  scheme and bore water in people’s gardens all year round.

In Perth and WA each residence has been designated certain days in the week for watering their lawns and garden beds.

Residences may water their gardens twice a week off scheme water, with an extra day allowed if they also have a bore. There is also a permanent total ban in place on watering during winter.

Want to learn more? We’ve put together some frequently asked questions on watering days…

How can I find out my designated watering days?

You can find out by going to the Water Corporation website

What are the basic rules for watering days in Perth?

Garden reticulation in Perth is subject to some pretty strict rules, with set times (before 9am and after 6pm) and designated watering days based on where you live.

Perth also has a permanent winter sprinkler ban in place from 1st June – 31st August each year.

What about if I have a bore in my garden?

If you have a bore in your garden you are entitled to one extra day watering day each week. You can still receive a fine if you are caught watering outside of these allocated days.

What can – and can’t – I do outside of my watering days?

It might be prohibited to run your reticulation system outside of your designed watering days, but there are still things using water that you can do.

You can:

  • Hand water with a hose
  • Top up your swimming pool
  • Wash your car with a hose
  • Top up a pond or fountain

You can’t:

  • Run your reticulation system
  • Hose your driveway
  • Use a high pressure hose (e.g. one used to clean your pavers)

Why is there a watering ban in place during winter?

Because the rain can look after your garden beds and lawn instead. Evaporation rates are generally lower in winter, so there’s just no need.

Having this ban in place enabled Perth to save about FIVE BILLION LITRES of water last year alone. This can then be used during the drier months.

What will happen if I water outside my designated watering days, or during winter?

Residents caught breaching the sprinkler roster or watering in winter can receive a $100 fine. Break the rules at your own risk!

On the other side of the coin, if you see someone breaching the sprinkler ban, or putting their retic on during non-watering days, you can report it here. And please do – water conservation in our dry state is essential.

Are there any watering day exemptions available?

If you have installed a new lawn or garden, including roll-on lawn, shredded lawn, seed and runners, you can apply for an exemption through the Water Corporation.

Want to make sure your garden is getting the most of those watering days in Perth? Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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