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Reticulation Repairs in Western Australia

All about reticulation repair in Perth

When repairing reticulation in Perth it is important to remember to use quality parts and install them correctly the first time. There is no point in repairing a broken sprinkler on the verge again and again, every time a car drives over it. The source of the damage was a car, but the reason it was broken is that the sprinkler was too high and did not have a concrete surround to protect it.

The solution for this reticulation repair is to dig the sprinkler down so it is beneath the lawn level, and then install a concrete surround to protect it. You can see the difference in simply just repairing the reticulation and providing a reticulation solution.

Here at Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation we are about providing the solution to your irrigation problems.

Here at Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation we are about providing the solution to your irrigation problems.

Now, bear in mind that providing a solution will always take more time than simply repairing a problem. It can also be more expensive. For instance digging down all your sprinklers at the roads edge, could take a substantial amount of time and effort as opposed to just installing a new sprinkler, without having provided a solution to a problem that will just continue to occur.

Another example of providing a solution compared to just repairing, is with aged, worn out reticulation wiring. Some older systems can have all the wiring running in single strands on top of the ground, or close to it. There are often multiple wire joins, colour changes and wiring that is not protected in a core.

Rather than continually repairing wire breaks and old joins, the solution here is to dig new wiring in. Make sure to run it in a protective core that has all the right colours and use proper Gel Connectors to connect the wiring to the solenoids. At this point you could consider changing any older solenoids as everything would be dug up anyway (solenoids have a certain life span and this would save having to re-dig it up again in the future, saving your wallet).

Another option to look at would be replacing an old irrigation controller. At this point you would have a completely new control system that would last for many years to come. With a new system you could save yourself the trouble and cost of having a reticulation company back each year to fix your old, frail system.

These are reticulation solutions, not just reticulation repairs in Perth.

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